Email Consultations with Dr. Eric Lewis

    • Personalized educational service
    • Communicate one-on-one with Dr. Eric Lewis via email
    • Starting at $199 for initial consultation plus one complimentary follow up email
    • Additional follow up emails available at bundle discounted prices (see dropdown menu for details)
    • Available worldwide (*Please note: consultations are only available in English)

For a full description of this service, please learn more here.

Email consultation packages are designed for busy schedules in our increasingly electronic world. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to pose a few questions or you are seeking longer-term healthcare guidance, email packages offer personalized and unique advice to assist you and your health goals, all within a secure and affordable format.

Initial Email Consultation

  • Everyone will start with an Initial Email Consultation (IEC)
  • The IEC provides an opportunity to share your iron overload history (and any related factors) via a secure and encrypted online questionnaire. This is how Dr. Eric will learn your story, your specific questions, and your medical history.
  • Five to seven business days after submitting your questionnaire, you will receive answers to your questions as well as a personalized recommendation plan including diet and supplement strategies designed to comprehensively support your health.

Continue the Conversation with Additional Email Consultations

  • We offer the ability to purchase optional emails to provide you with further guidance, support, and the ability to troubleshoot.
  • Optional additional email consultations are available at a bundled discounted price at the time when you sign up for the IEC.
  • They are also available ala carte in the future for anyone who has completed the IEC.

Choose your Bundle from the Dropdown Menu

Option 1: Initial Email Consultation: Includes the initial plan as well as one additional email exchange to clarify and finalize these initial recommendations.

Option 2: Everything in Option 1, plus 3 additional emails to be used at any time in the future. (Save $25)

Option 3: Everything in Option 1, plus 6 additional emails to be used at any time in the future. (Save $80) 

After I sign up, what happens next?

    1. After purchasing your preferred plan, you'll receive an instantaneous download with further instructions, including details on how to access the initial questionnaire.
    2. You can fill out the questionnaire at your own pace. If you want to fill it out immediately or if you want to take a few days or weeks to think about what you want to write, that's fine. The link will not expire and we'll be ready to hear from you when you are ready.
    3. Once we receive your submission, it will be shared with Dr. Eric. He will read through all the information you submitted, including your questions and unique requests, and he will compose a detailed response for you that you may expect to receive within 5-7 business days.

      What if I have more questions?

      To learn more details about these consultations including the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, please follow this link to learn more. If you don't see the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.