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    • Strong antioxidant protection for the cells and for liver health, especially when facing iron overload
    • Unique formula complete with mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols enables superior absorption as well as more comprehensive vitamin E benefits
    • Helps reduce inflammation
    • Supports the cardiovascular system as well as cognitive health
      • Cost-Effective: Contains 60 capsules per bottle
      • Also available as part of the Antioxidant, Supreme Antioxidant, and Everything Bundles.

      Health Benefits of Vitamin E

      Vitamin E is renowned as one of the best antioxidants by both scientists and healthcare providers. A major function of vitamin E is to help create the body's most important antioxidant, glutathione, and these two nutrients have closely related actions in the body to reduce oxidative damage.

      A large body of research and clinical experience has shown the importance of vitamin E in diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, cancer, and brain function.

      Research also suggests that those with hemochromatosis may be naturally low in vitamin E and could therefore benefit from vitamin E supplementation!

      Vitamin E and Hemochromatosis

      Since vitamin E is known to be a powerful antioxidant, researchers in the 1990's started to ask the question: "What is the connection between levels of vitamin E and iron overload in people with hemochromatosis?"

      Multiple studies examined the connection between vitamin E levels and iron overload and the same pattern showed up over and over.

      People with hemochromatosis and iron overload also had lower levels of vitamin E. 

      Their vitamin E levels in both their blood and in their liver were lower than that of people with normal levels of iron.

      The Importance of Boosting Vitamin E

      Research shows that when a person with hemochromatosis goes through the process of depleting their iron (using medication, diet, and/or phlebotomy), the body's natural levels of vitamin E actually improve. Just removing iron causes levels of vitamin E to rise!

      Vitamin E supplements restore vitamin E levels and reduce signs of oxidation in hemochromatosis patients with high iron and low vitamin E resulting in improved health.

      What all this seems to suggest is that those with hemochromatosis may be naturally low in vitamin E and could potentially benefit from vitamin E supplementation!

      The Importance of Taking a Complete Vitamin E Supplement

      Not all vitamin E supplements are created equally, so the specific kind of vitamin E that you supplement with is actually quite important to understand.

      1. Many lower-quality, less-expensive supplements will use the vitamin E in the cheaper form of dl-alpha-tocopherol, which is synthetic. Only a portion of what's listed is actually usable by the body.
      2. A better form is d-alpha-tocopherol. This is the form of alpha-tocopherol that occurs naturally in our bodies.
      3. The best form contains both mixed tocopherols and mixed tocotrienols. Mixed means it includes not only the d-alpha form, but also the beta, gamma, and delta forms of both tocopherols and tocotrienols.

      In the real world, vitamin E doesn't exist as an isolated d-alpha molecule, but rather in this mixed grouping. Mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols most closely match what is used by our bodies and give the best results.

      Hemochromatosis Help's Vitamin E Complete is a truly unique formula that provides powerful nutritional support when facing iron overload. You will receive comprehensive vitamin E nutrition thanks to a full-spectrum formula including the alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherol and tocotrienol forms that are missing in other vitamin E supplements!

      To receive the most complete antioxidant benefit from vitamin E, you need both tocopherols and tocotrienols!

      How to use Hemochromatosis Help's Vitamin E Complete