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  • Quick Tips for an Iron-Lowering Diet (5" x 7" Refrigerator Magnet)

    • Enjoy this colorful, humorous magnet as a quick reminder of foods to choose when eating to lower iron
    • Based on the information found in our hemochromatosis diet books
    • Brighten your day while eating a hemochromatosis-friendly, low-iron diet with this cheerful addition to your kitchen
    • Professionally printed in full color
    • 5 x 7 inches (12.7 x 17.8 cm)
    • Also available as part of the Complete Paperback Book Bundle and the Quick Tips Kit

    The Hemochromatosis Help™ Refrigerator Magnet: The only iron-rich item needed in your kitchen!

    High iron belongs in magnets, not in people!

    Our colorful, humorous refrigerator magnet serves as a quick daily reminder of which foods impact iron (for better and for worse) and how to correctly combine them for a hemochromatosis diet. Keep it in your kitchen as a fast reference that you and the whole family will find helpful.

    Using the imagery of the “Villain,” “Henchmen,” and “Heroes” as described in Chapter 1 of Cooking for Hemochromatosis, this attractive magnet visually reminds you which foods are rich in iron, which foods make iron absorption worse, and which foods beneficially block iron absorption.

    Our high-quality, full-color magnet has been professionally printed and is 5 x 7 inches (12.7 x 17.8 cm). 

    How To Best Use This Magnet

    This magnet serves as a quick reference when cooking for hemochromatosis.

    The information is based on the charts and information presented in our books. This means to fully understand why and how different foods made it into these different categories, you’ll want to refer back to our books for the full explanation, as the magnet by itself is a simplified summary and doesn't tell the full story!

    If you don’t already own the books, we recommend purchasing the magnet as part of the Complete Paperback Book Bundle for a total savings of over $40! With the bundle, you'll have access to all the information you need to cook, shop, and eat for hemochromatosis.

    For those who already own the books, the magnet also pairs well with our portable Grocery Shopping Guide. These two resources are available together as part of our Quick Tips Kit for a savings of 15%.