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    The Turmeric Bundle features the two turmeric formulas on the My Hemochromatosis Help™ website with 5% savings by buying as a group.

    This package includes one each of our:

    Ideal for those who want to try both forms of turmeric at a bundled discount!

    Medicinal Properties of Turmeric

    Turmeric is a beautiful, flavorful, commonly used spice in cooking. Renowned for centuries with a rich, historical use in plant and herbal medicine, turmeric has long been held in high regard for its beneficial effects.

    Nature’s best anti-inflammatory herb may also be a powerful holistic remedy for hemochromatosis.

    Out of all the natural remedies for iron overload, turmeric stands in first place in its ability to actually reduce iron overload. Turmeric literally grabs hold of the iron that’s inside the cells and brings it out.

    Iron stored inside of cells causes oxidative damage leading to so many of the symptoms and problems in people with hemochromatosis. Once turmeric grabs hold of and chelates iron molecules, the turmeric then helps the body to excrete the iron. 

    Science Identifies Turmeric as an Iron Chelator

    Research has established that one of the many medicinal properties of turmeric is to reduce excess iron from the body. This graph and photo demonstrate the powerful effect of turmeric (aka curcumin) in reducing stored iron from the cells. As turmeric/curcumin levels increased, iron levels decreased.

    Researchers from this study concluded that “curcumin is a biologically active iron chelator," exceptional news for people with hemochromatosis and iron overload!

    Safe and effective support with superior absorption and stability

    Despite turmeric’s promise of many health benefits, there is one major challenge to using turmeric medicinally. The challenge is how to get the turmeric into the cells of your body.

    Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, tends to be poorly absorbed by our digestive system. Estimates place turmeric’s absorption at about 5% so you are not likely absorbing much from diet alone. Ordinary turmeric powders, pills, or teas, are only going to be used by your body a very small amount. Many oral forms of curcumin are generally poorly absorbed due to low solubility and instability in the intestinal environment.

    The two forms of turmeric in this Turmeric Bundle solve this issue in two unique ways:

    First, our unique topical cream of turmeric gets absorbed directly into the body, bypassing the gut to ensure maximal results. In addition to superior absorption, a topical skin application is easy and convenient to use. This is what makes Hemochromatosis Help’s Turmeric Cream the most popular supplement on our site!

    Second, Hemochromatosis Help’s Turmeric Capsules provides the patented BCM-95® brand of turmeric, a special form of turmeric with enhanced methods of absorption. Laboratory testing has shown BCM-95® greatly increases curcumin stability and significantly enhances oral absorption when compared to ordinary curcumin.

    You get one bottle of each in this Topical Bundle package!