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  • Complete Digital Book Bundle: Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis & Cooking for Hemochromatosis Books + Bonus Grocery Shopping Guide (ALL INSTANT DOWNLOADS)

    From the naturopathic doctors at Hemochromatosis Help™ come three resource guides to help you with your iron overload

    Learn how to incorporate dietary and lifestyle changes to help manage your iron overload with our Complete Digital Book Bundle!

    When read as a trio, these three guides complement each other and help provide the best possible understanding of how to live well with hemochromatosis.

    Get the e-book versions of both Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis and Cooking for Hemochromatosis, plus the bonus digital Grocery Shopping Guide, for 40% off the list price by purchasing all three together as a bundle!

    The Complete Digital Book Bundle includes all three educational guides as a convenient, instantaneous download!

    Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis

    Dr. Eric Lewis’s Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis: A Guide to the Use of Diet and Supplements in Healing from Iron Overload provides the framework for truly understanding your condition, what causes iron overload, how it impacts your body, and what steps you can take to help improve your quality of life. An evidence-based analysis of dietary, nutritional and herbal remedies for iron overload, his book has already helped thousands of people around the world since its publication in 2016.

    • “I’ve read everything I could possibly find on the internet about hemochromatosis. I always come back to your book…You’ve covered everything and more plus made it easy to follow.”—Tara Fleetwood, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
    • “I ordered this book for myself and my husband, who has hemochromatosis. Due to a myriad of medical info on this condition, and specialists giving us a confusing array of information, we were going crazy trying to find help. The initial pages of your book took this condition and made it most understandable!“—CS, USA
    Learn more about this book including more reader reviews

    Cooking for Hemochromatosis

    Dr. Kristina Lewis’s Cooking for Hemochromatosis: Recipes, Menus, and Culinary Strategies to Lower Iron in Your Diet takes the concepts established in Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis and moves them into the kitchen. This book is filled with practical steps including six key substances to remember when planning meals for iron overload, tips for reading food labels, and learning how to shop for hemochromatosis-friendly brands and products.

    This cookbook offers more than 100 delicious, wholesome and easy-to-follow low-iron recipes ranging from vegan to Paleo, low-carb to low-fat, and gluten-free to dairy-free.

    With Cooking for Hemochromatosis, you’ll be empowered to shop and cook with confidence and enjoy eating again.

    • “I appreciate the wide variety of interesting but accessible recipes... [Having hemochromatosis] doesn’t have to mean boring meals!"—Eva B., Longview, Washington
    • “The recipe was easy to make; directions were simple and straightforward. This was a hit even with my husband! He gobbled up the rest! He said he would gladly make this again!”-KR, Boston, Massachusetts
    Learn more about this book including more reader reviews

    Looking for an easy way to know what foods to buy at the grocery store for a hemochromatosis-friendly, low-iron diet?

    Made with convenience in mind, the Hemochromatosis Help Digital Grocery Shopping Guide is a portable and handy tool to help you follow a hemochromatosis-friendly, low-iron diet.

    This practical digital PDF file condenses the “Best and Worst Foods for Hemochromatosis” lists found in our books into color-coded cheat sheets that can be easily viewed on any smartphone or portable electronic device.

    Each page is broken down into easy-to-see color charts, organized by food groups. For example, if you’re in the produce section, scroll to the Vegetables and Fruits pages and easily see which foods to purchase and which to avoid!

    Each page is color-coded into Green, Yellow, and Red sections.

    • The foods in the GREEN columns are foods to eat and enjoy without concern.
    • The foods in the YELLOW columns require moderation for one reason or another (often related to their levels of iron-enhancing or iron-blocking nutrients).
    • The RED column is for foods to limit or avoid due to high iron or iron-enhancing reasons.

    Learn more about the Digital Grocery Shopping Guide

    The Complete Digital Book Bundle includes all three of these educational guides as a convenient, instantaneous download!

    Purchase Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis, Cooking for Hemochromatosis, and the Grocery Shopping Guide for Hemochromatosis at 40% off the retail price.