What Readers Have To Say about Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis Book

Really love your book. It has been so helpful - so much so that I am ordering a copy for my daughter who has one C282Y gene. Thank you so much for your help. You are a real blessing to me. You have really done a wonderful service to help people.
—Kathie Booth, Sellersburg, Indiana, USA

I've received your fine digital version of your book, and am enjoying thoroughly, your very clear explanations of the rather complicated matters of HHC. I also would like to purchase the print version. Your book is well worth that amount, no question! Thank you for your superb book!
—Ron Dutcher, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I received and have read the new book. As someone who struggles to read a lot in a short space of time I'm amazed at myself for already reading the whole book. It must in part be due to the layout being easy to understand. I feel I have learnt something and so it was worth the purchase thanks for the hard work putting it together.
—David Hill, Liverpool, UK

I bought your book when it first came out and it is excellent. It is full of great information and acts as my go to for all questions I have about Hemochromatosis. I appreciate your help and input and all you do to promote natural treatment aids for hemochromatosis.
—Neil Gegenbauer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A special thank you for the research you have done and for putting the information you have gleaned together into book form – an absolutely useful tool for all people diagnosed with genetic hemochromatosis.
—Charmaine Kimber, Port Vincent, SA, Australia

I have always followed a natural health way of living and since my diagnosis I’ve collated much information from various sources, but to have it all together in one book will now make it so much easier for quick reference when needed. Again, thank you.
—Deborah and Edward Crocetti, Cedar Hill, Texas, USA

Dr Lewis: My husband has Thalessemia which went undiagnosed until age 73, at which time his SF was 2659! Thanks to your book we have dropped it down to 876 in the past several months. He still gets ongoing phlebotomies but your meal and diet suggestions have significantly impacted his progress.
—Deborah and Edward Crocetti

Just received your book. So far it's everything we needed to hear!
—Susan Berube, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Thanks so much for the vital information you have made available.I reading through it all now. There is so little information here & you are a real breath of hope to me. Your book takes it to the next level, covering iron types, iron blocks. eating the right food together etc. You are the only person I know who has researched this critical information. I wonder if the world will ever truly know all the diseases & deaths caused by Hemochromatosis alone. I've written too much here, so I'll sign off now & congratulate you & your wife for doing what you are doing. You are changing lives with your research & love in what you do. Kind regards to you both.
—Gordon Whiteside, Somerville, Victoria, Australia

The info is easy to understand and very straight forward. Having huge success with the turmeric and magnesium cream- ferritin count coming down 20 to 25 points a month since I have started to use.
—MLB, Marysville, Ohio, USA

27 pages of bibliographies really enhanced my confidence in the contents... I have memorized the do's and don'ts to be incorporated into my diet and have started to implement them. A very "readable" book. Nothing to change... Thank You for the book!!
—JEC, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

I found the book to be very informative and helpful. I began having phlebotomies in 2001 beginning with every other week. Now it is about 3-4 times a year. My problem is the saturation level is always high but the ferritin remains on the low side so my hematologist is having a difficult time trying to regulate me without becoming too low in iron. Your book has given my good insight on how to better control iron absorption by including calcium or green tea in my meals. I was especially surprised with the section on beta carotene. I eat sweet potatoes very often as well as butternut squash and carrots. Now I am rethinking that practice. I eat a lot of chicken and fish and meat maybe 1-2 times a week.

The sections on dietary supplements was very helpful. I am 75 years old and arthritis is becoming a difficult problem for me. I now drink green tea regularly. I have begun taking magnesium as I was having terrible feet and leg cramps as well as restless legs and that has made a profound difference. This was a regular nightly occurrence and now surprisingly very rare!!
—Anonymous, USA

This book increased my awareness of the oxidative stress that iron overload causes and the nutritional and supplemental strategies to use. The information is presented clearly.
—W. Heath, Oakland Park, Florida, USA

I found many helpful tips and can put most of them into practice. I am spacing out the veggies with Vitamin C from my daily cup of beans. I am a vegan so I need not worry about iron from meat. I also am drinking soy milk with calcium with most meals, and adding baker's coco. I drink either black or green tea with every meal except for breakfast when I have coffee. I do eat almonds.

I have marked a number of passages for quick reference. My next iron draw is on Tuesday so I can't wait to see the results. Most of the above ideas I learned from your website and so I am so far keeping my ferritin under 50 and thus have a reduced my phlebotomies to one every two months whereas before it was once a month.

I found the book easy to read and understand. Thank you for writing the book and for the website.
—D.G. Stroud, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

Your book was exceptional. It was full of helpful information on how to implement food in trying to control iron overload and l have made changes to my diet accordingly. For example green tea is part of my main meals, I have included more cheese when l eat meat (which l must admit l don't eat every day) and l am including more raw vegetables. I have also included more herbs and supplements such as Milk Thistle, Taurine and vitamin E as part of my program. (Tumeric l'm afraid isn't part of my program as it gives me severe heartburn!!). I have taken magnesium, vitamin D and Calcium for a number of years. l find myself reading the book often and each time l read it l find l pick up more information. So all in all l am so very pleased a book has finally been written which can actually be so helpful with doing what we do every day which is eating!!!! Thank you so much.

I found the terminology a little confusing at first I.e. Heme Iron versus Non-Heme Iron but again as l read the book again l started to understand better. It's not a book you read only once. You have to read it a few times to get the full impact (which isn't a bad thing anyway). All in all l found you covered the things which were most helpful in dealing with iron overload so was quite happy with the topics you covered. I will keep referring back to the book for helpful hints. Thank you very much.
—Anonymous, Australia

It is VERY well written. You can understand it scientifically but at the same time, it is not written "above your head." In the future, I will highly suggest this book to newbies.
—ALS, Sequatchie, TN, USA

The book is very comprehensive, detailed, organized, well-researched and easy to understand. Technical and scientific terms were explained in simple terms so that someone without a medical background could understand the concept.

I have implemented several of the helpful ideas into my life. As I have time, I plan to read the book again and implement any ideas that I may have missed during the first reading.

The Appendix is a helpful tool for referencing information quickly. The Take-Home Messages were helpful by condensing information into quick to read and easy to understand terms. The Bibliography was very thorough and detailed. It gives the reader assurance that the information contained in the book is well-researched.
—Doris, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Loved the book! Easy to read and understand which was a huge plus. Already doing so many of the ideas. I felt it was easy to understand and follow. Thank you!
—Anonymous, USA

This book is entirely up-to-date. It is written in a very user-friendly authorative way: lots of results of the latest studies; effective and relative info for those who have read much about HHC, and for those who have not, and are very new to the malady; and written in a positive manner, with humour and hope - a unique and needed reference tool. I refer to it often to refresh. This well-crafted text.
—R D, Toronto, Canada

What I like best about this book was that it was easy to read and understand for the lay person. I also like being about to easily find specific topics by the way the book is laid out, and the reference section in the best is perfect! Yes, I think this book will be helpful for me as a reference guide to turn too, and also for people in my life that would like to understand a bit more about this. I have also been pretty aware of nutrition, and have been a life long vegetarian. However, I have now had to approach my nutrition differently because of this iron overload condition. I know the end result will be me feeling better so it is worth any efforts I have to make!

I feel that this book had a really good holistic overview of hemochromatosis, along with a handy reference guide in the back, and plenty of info backed up by research and data.

Thank you for taking the time to write this. As someone newly 'diagnosed' this came out at the perfect time. I am grateful to have found your site!
—Kristin Robinson, Portsmouth, NH, USA

I loved your book, it was very informative. I have started implementing some of your advice, and I learned that foods I thought I couldn’t have anymore, I can if I eat the foods that will offset the iron levels.

My ferritin level went from 470 to 148, my HC went from 42.6 to 35.5, and my HG went from 11.9L to 11.8L, this is all within the time period of July 2016 to Feb 2017. I believe taking the supplements from your website has helped me out, I take your super anti oxidant supplements, use the turmeric cream at night time before bed, use the chewable calcium if I know I’m going to have a cheeseburger (I just can’t seem to give these up!!)
—Sue Wollam, Kent, WA, USA

Thank You for writing this book! I would be lost without it. You explained what is best to eat and what is the worse things to eat. I have added green tea to my mornings, afternoon and most evenings. I purchased the correct calcium supplement (I was taking the wrong kind) and purchased Turmeric gel caps. I am waiting for a final doctor's report on my exact condition, so have taken beef down to once a week and eat mostly chicken and fish, the correct iron binding veggies (from your book) and fruits. I have a month to wait for final results and hoping I get off to a good start on my diet with the help of your book. Again THANK YOU!
—CAM, Rock Falls, IL, USA

After reading your book I have a better understanding of hemochromotosis. I now understand how I can support the health of my body, along with phlebotomy. I am trying the turmeric and like that it is a topical application. I have tried pills and had heartburn from them. I also found it interesting that you only have one gene and have the symptoms of hemochromotosis. I have told my daughters I have it, but was told not to be concerned about them. My testing came back that I had two of the H63D genes. This diagnosis has helped explain some issues I have had in my life. Thanks. I found the book very readable.
—Cindy H, Hendersonville, NC, USA

The book is very useful, and it has a lot of quality information. It is necessary to read a lot of literature in order to combine the appropriate food in practice.

In the book is all important information about the very nature of the illness, the medical approach, the combination of foods as well as the supplements that are very important.

The book was written very well and it is very understandable. My congratulations!
—Mary Raguz, Solin, Croatia

I found your book extremely helpful and easy to follow. It’s eased the fear of dealing with iron overload and what to do on a daily basis. Your explanation of heme and non heme iron was a great help also. Knowing what blocks the absorption of iron and what increases its absorption is well explained also. Once you get a system down and do meal prep it becomes second nature.

I’ve read everything I could possibly find on the internet about hemochromatosis. I always come back to your book. You’ve covered everything and more plus made it easy to follow. I also enjoy the email with more information and recipes.

I’m grateful I found you on the internet. The uncertainty of not knowing is the worst. You’ve eased my mind considerably, thank you.
—Tara Fleetwood, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

I ordered this book for myself and my husband, who has hemochromatosis. Due to a myriad of medical info on this condition, and specialists giving us a confusing array of information, we were going crazy trying to find help. The initial pages of your book took this condition and made it most understandable!

Fortunately I am married to a man who is willing to change his diet for his own good. The dietary choices are excellent, so the idea of starving on a hemochromatosis dietary plan is non-existent.

Thank you for your naturopathic education, and your focus on this condition. The sharing of this knowledge really helps us consumers help loved ones to continue to enjoy life in spite of health conditions.

Actually, this book was PERFECT--for us!!!!

Every doctor that treats iron overload needs to read your book. I could not put it down once I started it. It was the very information I was looking for to help me understand what has been going on with me. I loved it.
—KG, Scio, Oregon, USA

I was diagnosed with Hereditary Hemochromatosis Compound Heterozygous in 2003. I have done extensive research online, from books and any sources that I could find. But I learned more from this little book than any other source in the 15 yrs since my diagnosis.

When I was diagnosed, my hematologist told me that changing my diet wouldn't alter the course of my condition, but common sense told me otherwise. That day I eliminated red meat from my diet and started reading labels for iron content. This book has taught me that combining different foods and combining certain supplements can actually have an even more effect on my iron absorption.

One of the most jaw dropping pieces of information was that carriers can actually have iron overload. My hematologist told me years ago that carriers will never exhibit symptoms. I have a niece who is a carrier and has had episodes of high Ferritin. Her primary care doc told her she doesn't have hemochromatosis, even though her DNA came back as a carrier with elevated Ferritin levels. Since most of my family are carriers, this information is a game changer.
—Katherine A, Sherwood, Arkansas, USA

I really liked the nutritional information about how to block iron at mealtime. I also like the information about supplements, especially Tumeric, which I am now taking daily.
—VH, New York, NY, USA

The best thing about this book is the explanations of the proteins involved in iron absorption and how easy it is to understand. This book has been so helpful for my journey. I was diagnosed with homozygous C282Y Hemachromotosis in September 2017 (8 mths ago) and apart from being told not to eat red meat and to have regular venesections, I didn’t know anything else about it and didn’t know where to find any information. This is the first time that I feel like I really understand my diagnosis and I feel more in control, being able to choose what I eat and use natural remedies as well. I make sure I have eggs or calcium with meals, plus I have started using magnesium and milk thistle. I am just waitin for the turmeric cream to arrive! I found it very comprehensive!
—Vanessa Brown, Drummond Cove, WA, Australia

The book is very insightful. It is very well laid out and organized and backed by a lot of research. We like how things are surmised. I am still very busy learning about iron overload and trying to understand the right combinations of foods etc.

For me I just have to keep rereading and try to digest a little at a time. It is the best explanation I have read.
—Maribeth, Olean, NY, USA

It is very helpful since there is not a lot of info on the Internet regarding hemochromatosis.
I think all topics are covered and there is nothing confusing about the book. It is set out in terms that the everyday person can understand. You don't need to be a doctor to understand it.
—Stephanie Bodys, Springs, Gauteng, South Africa