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  • Testimonials for Cooking for Hemochromatosis by Kristina Lewis, ND

    I think the book is laid out very well and I like all the planning that went into it. I love the way it is explained why these recipes work. I’m happy to see what a role green tea plays in the recipes. Thank you for keeping us informed on iron overload and for presenting such a lovely book!
    —Mary Kerner, Olean, NY, USA

    I appreciate the wide variety of interesting but accessible recipes... HH doesn’t have to mean boring meals! Nice job! One of the things about your recipes is that I’m stretching my cooking experience into new territory, which is a good thing. Preparing this recipe was an adventure appealing to multiple senses. The recipe was very easy to follow. I just now enjoyed a bowl of this lovely concoction and it was very tasty. Thanks for all of your hard work on the recipe book! The book is truly wondrous! Now I'm looking forward to spending much more time reading and cooking. What an adventure! Very, very good job on the book and on all of the help both of you provide for HH patients. Thanks to both of you.
    —Eva B, Longview, WA, USA

    Very well researched and written! The best recipe book I have found and written by someone with firsthand experience! Really appreciate the explanations of why the different ingredients work together to inhibit iron absorption. This helps educate the reader to have a different mindset about the overall diet. I have incorporated many of the recipes into my diet. Very pleased overall! Probably one of the simplest recipes in the book is the frozen oatmeal cakes which has sure made putting together a guick breakfast easy! I just never thought about freezing oatmeal before. Also like the salmon patties and everything else I have tried! Everything so far has worked well.

    Myth busting with regards to food combinations! I can eat eggs & Banana! When diagnosed was told that I shouldn't eat certain foods together, so have eaten bland diet. The best and worst foods to eat for Hemo. Your recipes are invaluable and detailed giving understanding of food combinations to inhibit iron. Grab and go snacks!, Roasted Broccoli and cauliflower, Tumeric yogurt, beautiful berry bars, purple iced tea. All I've tried are nutritional and tasty. A good book written with understanding and love. Thank you for enhancing my meal times!
    —SKJ, United Kingdom
    I got my cookbook yesterday. I love it. It's really good, already using it. I like all the info on Hemochromatosis and how the foods all work together and why, especially the little explanation on why the recipes work for us. I can see how this book will teach me to make up my own recipes to fit the foods we like. The other Hemochromatosis cook book I bought does little of this and the recipes are not the types of food we eat. I was sorry I bought this other cookbook as I will never really use it. Your cookbook is very useful and I thank you for writing it. You did a great job.
    —Alice Marlene Boegel, Sweet Home, Oregon, USA

    Just purchased the cookbook. Very impressed with the book. Clear and concise. Easy to read.
    —Desiree Damon, Cape Town, South Africa

    Dear Doctors, Each book came separately packaged and well protected. Print quality and appearance are excellent and professional - the contents more so, the thoroughness and detail outstanding.
    —John Miller, Hartsdale, NY, USA

    Kristina, I have meant to write and let you know how much I love the cookbook! I find they are recipes I would use and the tables are a bonus. It also helps with other home recipes and meal plans to lead you on the right path with greater ease. I have found that you and Eric have been far more helpful than my primary care giver, ( I constantly refer back to his book.). My dietary consult done initially was such a joke, as she sent me lists of foods with iron content…nothing else. People are pretty much left on their own to figure this out. I can only hope many people run across the two of you on line, as I did. You both are a true God send. Thanks for all you do! Sincerely, Ellen
    —Ellen Whitesell, Apex, North Carolina, USA

    Just received book, finding it difficult to put down! 👍👍 I have been supremely surprised with the effect of being cognizant of the “Six Substances” when planning my whole food plant based meals. I am feeling very optimistic about lengthening time between phlebotomies, all while enjoying feeling good. Thank you, Doctors Kristina & Eric Lewis!!
    —Barb C, Dallas, Texas USA

    I just want to reiterate how inspired I am by your approach to this book. It's abundantly clear on every page that this is a labor of love for your readers and that you've put so much time and effort into making this a helpful text for a very diverse audience.
    —Anonymous, USA

    The recipes I have tried are very tasty, simple, healthy and varied, which is very important. All three dishes are very delicious, everything is perfect, congratulations. I've learned a lot from you and your husband about hereditary hemochromatosis, I would like to say that you have been very positive to me…Your website is very good and useful and I think you are doing a good job. People with Hemachromatosis must be aware that health and life are in their hands. Always be prepared to learn and apply good things in practice. Then the result comes.
    —Marijana Raguz, Solin, Croatia

    I loved this recipe. The pie turned out fantastic and had a great taste. I will definitely be making this again.
    —Karen Dacey, Queensland, Australia

    I've tried all your dishes and find them very tasty.
    —Peter Higson, Leeds, UK

    The recipe was delicious…! I will definitely make this again. Easy to follow directions and everything was great. It looked pretty and tasted super…I made the crispy pork chops and they were easy to make and were tender, moist and delicious. I made the salad for Christmas Eve dinner--very festive! My son-in-law loved it and it was still crisp the next day. I loved the dressing and will use it for other salads in the future.
    —Hillal Eastburn, Frederick, MD, USA

    This will help me make proper choices on which food to eat together, and which to keep separate. I find many more answers in this book about the characteristics of foods that are so important and so hard to find information about. Thank you.
    —LMTorres, Mexico
    I have found this book so helpful. It has been a great resource for me. I have changed a lot of my food pairings based on the information in the book. I feel I am better at reading labels in the store and has helped me make better choices. I really enjoyed the meatballs I thought they were easy to make, they were not mushy they held together during cooking and my husband even liked them 😊 I haven’t tried a lot of recipes I bought the book mostly for the information my husband and I enjoy cooking and I wanted to know more about iron consumption and how to make changes with our favorite recipes and the book has definitely done that. Oh the steak recipe was amazing I really enjoyed that and did not feel guilty eating it 😊😊  The book sits on my kitchen counter and I use it every day, it has post it notes throughout. Definitely a great purchase!
    —TJH, USA

    It is easy to understand and implement suggested changes. I think it is pretty thorough and informative. Yes, helpful to plan out combinations of foods to manage iron absorption. Oatmeal cookie recipe - cookies are so good and it was good to find one that is beneficial with hemochromatosis. The recipes I tried were clear and easy to follow. Love the explanations and the meal planning pages.
    —CD, USA

    Sooooo informative and easy to read!
    —Cyrus Lohfink, USA

    It simplified my daily struggle to plan meals that otherwise would be guess work.
    —Brian F, USA

    I bought the book as a gift for someone else. I was happy to be able to give a book of recipes that could give more variety to the daily diet. Before I gave the cookbook as a gift I prepared dinner for the receiver with some of the recipes. Everyone loved the Irish Soda Bread. It was simple to make. The Apple, Beet, and Cheese Salad was also good. Dessert was the Beautiful Berry Bars. They were easy to make and scrumptious. Those were the only recipes I tried before giving the cookbook as a gift. The directions were easy to follow and ingredients easy to find with the exception of the ground star anise.  If I were the person with the iron overload problem I would have read the cookbook from cover to cover, instead of just glancing at a few recipes to make before gifting the cookbook. The cookbook appears to have a lot of useful information and a good range of recipes.
    —JCW, USA

    I was recently diagnosed with HH. I have only read bits and pieces from your new cook book, but already like how you explain the iron enhancers in your diet, as well as the iron blockers. Its been challenging for me to analyze my diet for iron intake and your book simplifies it. I find myself referring to Part 1: the Essentials section regularly for reminders of do’s and dont’s. I have not used the recipes yet, but I read through many of them. The recipes look interesting and appetizing, instructions easy to understand, options offered when you don’t like an ingredient very helpful. I’m taking your book on vacation with me this week to try some of your recipes with my sister, who is the real cook. As it turns out, once I was diagnosed, my siblings were tested and three out of four of us also diagnosed. I have sent copies of this to them for reference as well. So, thank you for writing it. It will be a staple in my kitchen.
    —Deb Ische, Laguna Beach, Ca. USA

    I liked the way you let everyone know the correct ingredients to use to help with the iron overload. The recipes were great and tasteful.

    Very easy for the lay person to understand. Already used several of the recipes, delicious. Had no idea how you hard boiled your eggs could make such a difference. Found it very easy to read and understand.

    This is Elaine, Robert's wife and chef of the family. The book is amazing and provides wonderful info. as well as very tasty recipes. It helps me with my food shopping and takes less time because I do not have to read every products iron content. You have provided what was necessary for us to know about what is best to eat and drink. We are so grateful you took the time to write the book and supply us with the recipes. Tomorrow we plan to cook and enjoy the egg with avocado. YUMM!
    —Robert and Elaine, USA

    I really thought the book gave me the ability to take control of my iron overload. Simple and right to the point. I liked the "why the recipes work". It helps train my way of thinking so that I can understand the process of putting certain foods together. The recipes are more down to earth than a lot of other cookbooks. I do not want gourmet recipes as I don't cook that way. I like down to earth normal recipes. I don't usually use a recipe while cooking, I am more of a "that sounds good" cook. I will use the cookbook to get use to combining foods that are good for me and then go off on my own with a better understanding. I have mostly read through the recipes and have tried a couple. I can't at this point pick out a favorite. We did try the turkey burgers with zucchini and really like them. We found the avocado and eggs very interesting but would not have them very often. The non-cooked marinara sauce was good. I love tomatoes and understanding the difference between cooked and non cooked was good to know. I think that you two are doing a good job helping people with Hemochromatosis I have found both books to be very helpful. All I was told by my doctor was to not take Vitamin C and stay away from red meats. I felt like I was alone and facing a life of dread. Your books are very informative. I feel like I can live a normal life and was released from food jail. I can control my hemochromatosis.

    Gained an understanding of the condition and how to deal with it, factual but easy to read. Fluently written, very helpful. Detailed explanation of the various categories of foods and example recipes that can be adapted to recipes more typical of what we eat in this country (Australia). Still working through it, baking is good, as are breakfasts. Great to have ingredients and temperatures in both measurements for international readers.
    —Anonymous, Australia

    It was easy to read and thank goodness it gave me and my husband a list of what foods to avoid or limit and what foods he could have. The explanation of why the recipe was good for hemochromatosis was very helpful. The oatmeal cookies and berry bars - dessert is our favorite. We are still experimenting with the entrees. I am so glad I purchased the cookbook. It makes shopping a lot easier now that we don't have to play guessing games anymore. Thank you Dr. Lewis!
    —E.O., USA

    Very informative and easy to understand. I especially liked the notes that explained how certain foods function for or against each other. I have not tried any of the recipes yet but am looking forward to making the cauliflower pizza plus the garlic and oil spaghetti. Sounds yummy! Love that you included so many ethnic menus! Your notes are very helpful as well as your reasons why each recipe works for Hemochromatosis. Easy to read and understand!
    —Sylvia, USA

    It is written in simple and easy to understand language with a sense of humor. The listing in summary of food group helps a lot. I like the variety of recipe especially oriental type of food. Didn’t have time to try too much, I use it as a guide to what I can eat similar to find similar low iron food recipe. I like this book and use it as a reference since there is a lot of useful information.
    —T.N., USA

    I like the tabulations very much. At a glance I can see the type of foodstuff and its composition. A lot of research must have been involved in their compilation. Even though I live in the southern hemisphere I can locate the food description that I am familiar with. Thank you for the metrication. Thank you for sharing all your research! All unfamiliar terms (to myself) were invariably explained/clarified.
    —M R Hughes. South Africa

    I really liked how the book has the different food groups separated and gives the specifics and its impact on people with iron overload. I have really watched those foods when I am eating high iron meals. I loved so many of the recipes and have made several of them a few times. Cauliflower crust pizza with the low iron pesto are my favs at the moment. Recipes were easy to follow. Excellent cookbook, the best one out there. I have learned so much about what is good and what is bad and the foods that should not be combined and why. I like how I can take a recipe and modify a ingredient or two and you have a different meal.
    —Jodi, USA

    This book is excellent. Hemochromatosis runs in my family and this book has helped me understand this condition. The book had a lot of good information. I liked the charts that show you what to eat and what not to eat. I am starting with the basics haven't really tried specific recipes, I am making things from the charts of things I like to eat. The recipes are written and detailed really well.

    Your book, alongside your husband's book have given me a huge amount of insight into the complex world of food science. I am using the information to help me decide what to eat and when to eat it. Luckily I love eggs but was upset to find out how much iron there is in duck on our visit to France this year. Luckily because of your book I now know that the French don't fortify flour. Also luckily some part baked French products come in to Uk and are allowed to be sold in supermarkets.The food regs for fortification in different countries was very useful.
    —Sandra G, United Kingdom

    This book is so helpful it makes me enjoy my food. I learned how to mixed my foods combination and timing to gain all the necessary nutrient my body needs. My food limitations doesn’t bother me anymore, not like before it was so frustrating. As I am a Filipino, my food recipes does have few matches on the list. As I can cook for myself I'm just glad to have a guideline on how to prepare mix and match recipes that makes me healthy and enjoy eating it. I'm also trying different recipes and I know in time my palate will enjoy it. No issues at all on the recipes. It's great for all ingredient to have the list of all nutrient thats needed in order to control iron intake. I love this 2 books. It gives me hope to be happy and content to live my life fully. Thank you. Its hard to change a lifestyle regarding foods but with this help it's so inspiring to face this debilitating hurdle in my life.
    —Mila, USA

    Thank you for your news letters. Your book and cook book have been my bible for 3 months now. Today I went for a follow up blood test regarding ferritin and liver function … wish me luck.
    —Chris Kossak, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

    I like all the food facts about the nutritional values of foods. It is a good reference book that I turn to often. I like the recipes for ethnic foods and the explanations of the types of ingredients you need. I like the crispy corn cakes and recipes that I can make as finger food. I still have shopping to do for ingredients and more recipes to try. I am 70 yrs and live on a farm 45k from the nearest store, so I will be awhile trying new recipes. Your recipes are easy to follow and directions clear.

    Tons of great recipes. Will look forward to trying the recipes and thank you!
    —JGFC, USA

    I love the breakdown of nutrients in the recipes you provide. I loved all your explanations. I want to learn all I can about eating real food again. The pictures are great.
    —Elizabeth H. Henderson, United States

    This book is packed full of valuable information as well as easy to read. However I continue to recheck it as there is a lot of information to absorb and put into use. I would like to see another cookbook. Always looking for new ideas.

    Found the notes, Why this recipe works for Hemochromatosis as well as the Essentials and Tools for this diet very enlightening. Yes it has been helpful in understanding how iron is processed in our bodies. We have substituted the Breads, Sauces, Spice Blends and Dessert in our daily diet. We have dined on several of the meal recipes. We have found many recipes that will work into our diet very well. Favorites--Philly Cheesesteak Bowl - The flavor was outstanding and easy to prepare. Banana Rice Flour Pancakes and Blueberry, Zucchini and Banana Oat Muffins also very good flavors. I thought this would be more work than other recipes, but surprisingly it wasn't.

    It’s always helpful to have guidance in cooking with this problem. Good work!
    —MAQ, United States

    I just recently ordered the cook book and have been slowly working my way through it. I thought I was incorporating the foods that would help diminish the absorption of iron in my diet, from what I had learned in the Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis book I bought when I first learned I had Hemochromatosis a couple of years ago. But, I am learning in the cook book that I was doing some things right, and not doing some other things right. So far it has helped me understand better ways to avoid foods that are not good for me. The menus and recipes are quite different than the way we eat in Louisiana! But I am using them to substitute ingredients in my recipes. I do love Pho Chicken Soup and have enjoyed it now that the weather has turned cold. I like Pinto Beans and have used the a lot in my diet. I appreciate the oven recipe for cooking them to save the beneficial Phytates I have not had a chance to try many of the recipes yet. I am still trying to read the information about each of the food groups. I appreciate the extensive research that has gone into the book, showing what is beneficial and what is detrimental for iron overload. A lot to absorb! It is a lot of information to absorb, but very helpful.

    Liked that You also hav iron overload in yr family & that all info is here in one bk. Yes i apply info in my life, extremely helpful to know which veg hav Vit c (avoid). Yr charts on which herbs to add or avoid are amazing. This bk reflects incredible research & experimentation. So detailed. Irish soda bread (as loaf or biscuit or french toast! ) also yr curry chicken salad w/ yr mayo recipe (sans le vinaigre) Fabulous charts. Amazing to find yr Lists of equipment/ spice purchase/ kitchen items. This was the least-confusing recipe warehouse I've seen! Comprehensive & thorough. Looking forward 2 more ethnic recipes. Mexican, thai, & Indian

    I love the book. It is so well put together! Easy to undestand and walks you from the basics to the more complicated topics. The tables are great,they provide me with a quick way to make decitions on the spot about what can I eat or not. Until it becomes second nature,the book comes with me everywhere. I am not a big cook,but I can handle the recipes very well. Love the idea of combining avocado and eggs. Fish and pizza is my favorite. I thank you so very much for this book. When diagnosed, I felt sooo confused and scared! You are making my journey easier. I feel I am not alone anymore.
    —EPS 56-65 Female Puerto Rico

    This book has been a game-changer for me. Prior to reading this book, I had stopped eating certain foods because I didn't think that I could. I was told by previous doctors to 'not eat a steak' yet nothing more specific as to how to combine foods to offset iron absorption or how to not consume certain foods together. As a vegan, I can attest that I've never eaten a steak. Yet I'm a female in my 40's which is not the norm for when this condition typically presents. Clearly plants, fruits, and vegetables have their sources of iron as well. What I love most about this book is the straightforward way in which it is laid out. While the initial news of receiving the diagnosis of this condition may leave one thinking he/she may never enjoy food again or never eat a favorite meal again, this is simply not true. There had not been much information in mainstream medicine regarding iron overload so the road ahead seemed daunting. Thanks to both Dr. Kristina Lewis and Dr. Eric Lewis's dedicated research and educational resources, the lifestyle adjustments are much more manageable. It is also very easy to reference certain charts or pages. The summary charts in each chapter listing the 'Best & Worst of' are so helpful! I also didn't consider that some of the herbal teas I had been drinking could have considerable iron in them. Different kinds of baking flours and oats, along with actual kitchen cookware were other things I had not really given much thought to. There are many other amazing charts that list the food item, along with its iron, calcium, vitamin C, and Carotenoid counts. I was surprised by some of these items, even some I eat quite a bit of! Cooking for Hemochromatosis has also been instrumental to share with my family, along with cooking within my household. While my husband is not affected, he is more aware of how certain foods pair well and has cheffed up a few recipes from this book as well! We have made many recipes from this book. Thank you for including my favorite recipe ~ Thai Peach Curry. I actually love this recipe so much more with your simple substitutions -- Thank you! The Soba Noodles with Walnuts and Green Peas is so easy to make and really yummy. An easy lunch to take on the go! ~As is the Crispy Tofu Lettuce Bowl. The Beautiful Berry Bars are delicious! As are the Hemochromatosis Oatmeal Cookies and the Blueberry Zucchini & Banana Oat Muffins. The muffins were definitely a fan favorite! I've made many of these recipes when we've had family visit which then allows me to chat more about why and how this recipe works for iron overload. And then I show them your book! The Purple Iced Tea was very refreshing in the summer heat of Arizona. I've also used some of the information from the Smoothies listed in this book to ensure I correctly balance my ingredients. The Phytate-Saving Oven-Cooked Beans are my new favorite way to prepare them now! These are so easy to make in comparison to stove-top, and even easier to freeze for later. I also love Indian food, and the Indian Paratha Flatbread has made a yummy addition pretty much all of the salads! As you can see, I have many favorites! Love the photos as well ~ really nicely photographed. Thank you for including 'why this recipe works for hemochromatosis' for each recipe. Having this information in print is so beneficial. Seeing this information helps me to conceptually know what changes I could make to other family recipes to enjoy them even more. As with any lifestyle change, it is the small steps each day that make the difference in the long run! This book is lightweight and easy to travel with. It's organized in a way that makes sense to the reader with very detailed Contents pages. I liked the Villains vs Heroes & Supporting Cast on page 6. Clever! Thank you SO much for this book!
    —Kristin Robinson, Boston, MA, USA

    I have implemented ideas in this book and the Help book as well The crispy pork chops are a bit with everyone - non hemochromatosis people as well!!
    —Kate, Australia

    This book has proved to be extremely helpful. My wife suffers from hemochromatosis and was not doing the best as i had no idea of the severity of this condition this book gives us so many tricks and so much of an understanding of what she can and cant have and even things she can have in small doses. This is an absolute essential in our kitchen now , Thanks Guys !!!!! Fav recipe is the chicken and mushroom pie and the ham and mushroom quiche as they are delicious . A couple werent in our flavour range I couldnt find any issues i have read the book front to back and am in the process of implementing my findings in the kitchen it has also helped substantially with weight loss! This should be taught to all up and coming chefs all around the world.
    —Damien S, Australia