Hemochromatosis Help Turmeric Capsules

  • The BEST natural remedy shown by clinical research to reliably reduce the build-up of iron in the body
    • Turmeric can lower ferritin by chelating iron from the body
  • Special phytosomal form provides enhances oral absorption by over 20-fold when compared to ordinary curcumin.
  • Wide range of potential benefits to the health
    • Powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, energy promoter, and enhances sleep and cognitive function
  • Available in the US & Internationally
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Science Identifies Turmeric as an Iron Chelator

Research has established that one of the many medicinal properties of turmeric is to reduce excess iron from the body. This graph and photo demonstrate the powerful effect of turmeric (aka curcumin) in reducing stored iron from the cells. As turmeric/curcumin levels increased, iron levels decreased.

Researchers from this study concluded that “curcumin is a biologically active iron chelator," exceptional news for people with hemochromatosis and iron overload!

    Safe and effective support with superior absorption and stability

    Despite turmeric’s promise of many health benefits, there is one major challenge to using turmeric medicinally. The challenge is how to get the turmeric into the cells of your body.

    Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, tends to be poorly absorbed by our digestive system. I’ve seen estimates that place turmeric’s absorption at about 5% so you are not likely absorbing much from diet alone. Ordinary turmeric capsules, powders, pills, or teas, are only going to be used by your body a very small amount. Oral absorption of curcumin is generally poor due to its low solubility and instability in the intestinal environment.

    The Benefits of Phytosomal Turmeric

    Hemochromatosis Help’s Phytosomal Turmeric Capsules provide the Meriva® brand of turmeric, a special form of turmeric with enhanced methods of absorption. Laboratory testing has shown Meriva® greatly increases curcumin stability and enhances oral absorption by over 20-fold when compared to ordinary curcumin.

    This patented delivery form combines curcumin with phosphatidylcholine from soy lecithin forming a bioavailable turmeric phytosome complex that is significantly better absorbed than regular turmeric extracts. This complex allows the curcumin to easily move through the cell's membrane to provide the most benefit for the body!

    Supplement Details

    Suggested Use: 1 capsule twice daily with food

    Amount per capsule:

    • Turmeric Phytosome* 250 mg (Curcuma longa) root, dried extract, min. 18% curcuminoids/ phosphatidylcholine complex.
    • Other ingredients: Vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water), L-leucine, cellulose, and silicon dioxide.

    *Meriva® brand bioavailable curcumin. Meriva® is a registered trademark of Indena S.p.A., Milan. Please note this product does contain a small amount of soy in the form of soy lecithin.

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